Saturday, April 09, 2011

Punched-Cork Serving Tray

Punched-Cork Serving Tray
Cork cutouts are protective, practical, and pretty. The material absorbs condensation from wet glasses, preventing glassware from sliding.
Tools and MaterialsDecorative craft punch
Handheld hole punch
Self-adhesive cork shelf liner
Smooth tray
The How-ToWhen selecting a craft punch, test that the slot is wide enough to fit the shelf liner.
Punch out enough decorative shapes and holes from cork liner to cover tray in a pleasing pattern (we alternated flowers and dots).
Peel backing from cork liner, and adhere cork to tray.
SourcesCork self-adhesive shelf liner, (#4551030), by Con-Tact,
Cosmos craft punch, from Martha Stewart Shop
Soren tray

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