Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Egg Shell Mosaic Vase

Egg Shell Mosaic Vase

When Easter is over and all the colored eggs have been collected, you will undoubtedly be making egg salad and tossing all those pretty colorful shells in the garbage or the compost pile. Well don't toss them away just yet! Let them air dry on some paper towels and set them aside in a shallow bowl. Then you can make a pretty egg shell mosaic project, maybe even a vase like this!

My good friends over at DecoArt sent me a bottle of their brand new decoupage medium to try out. I had already set aside all my egg shells, so I sat down on the craft room and got to work.

Do you remember these kitchen utensil holders that I made from plastic beanie baby containers? I have stacks and stacks of these containers in a cabinet in my craft room just waiting to be turned into something fun. I have been using a plain one to hold my scissors, large paintbrushes and box cutters in my craft room. So I decided to jazz it up a bit, and now it doubles as a pretty flower vase too!

First you'll need to dry out your egg shells. After mine were dry I placed them in a shallow container.

Next you'll need a container. I used this plastic beanie baby holder.

I started by painting the plastic container with two coats of white paint (I used Americana Warm White).

The I organized my colors on a paper plate. It's a little time consuming and you'll need to remove any remaining membrane from the back of the shells.

Then paint some decoupage medium onto your painted surface. Place egg shells onto the medium and press in place using the back of your thumbnail.

When you have finished placing all the egg shells onto the painted surface, cover with decoupage medium.

Allow it to dry completely then decoupage the three remaining sides.

To use as a vase, just wrap a pretty bow around the top! Mine is now in my craft room holding my paintbrushes etc. :)

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